Understanding PTAC Systems

Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning:

three major technologies that use a variety of components to regulate temperature, humidity, and the purity of air. The primary goal of PTAC is to maintain acceptable indoor air quality and thermal comfort. However, not all systems work as efficiently as others. Below are some examples of PTAC systems. All of these systems can be used to cool a building or keep a room at a comfortable temperature. This is why understanding them is important.

When a heating and air-conditioning system are required, a compressor sends air to a series of registers to heat and cool the space. Once the process is complete, the air is directed into the space. Some PTAC systems use a network of ducts and registers to move the air. Other systems use a venting system to direct the air directly into the space. If you’re unsure of which unit is right for your home or business, consult a professional to learn more about PTAC.

PTAC Repair New York County, NY

The heating and cooling system serves three purposes, heating, and air conditioning. Typically, an PTAC will handle all three at the same time. A thermostat will send a signal to the coils to heat the air. A ventilator will blow the heated air into the room and exhaust hot air out the same way. This process repeats itself, so your home will always be at the proper temperature. If you’re unsure of what your needs are, it’s a good idea to consult with a professional before deciding on a system. If you’re in need of an PTAC System contact Lion today!