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PTAC Repair Near Woodlawn Heights

Signs You Need Professional PTAC Unit Repair Services in The Bronx, NY

Whether you’re looking for a new PTAC for sale or you’re having problems with your existing heating and cooling unit and you need PTAC repair near me, if you’re located in the The Bronx, NY area, there’s only one company to call: Lion Enterprises! The highly-trained technicians at our fully licensed and insured company have been keeping property owners throughout the area comfortable for more than 50 years. As a full-service heating and cooling contractor, we cover all aspects of thru-wall heating and air conditioning units, including PTAC repair and maintenance, as well as new PTAC installation. For fast, efficient, and affordable results that you can rely on, look no further than Lion Enterprises!

PTAC Unit Repair from The Bronx’s Heating and Cooling King

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs) are an efficient, affordable, and easy way to heat and cool any property. They offer individual temperature control, making them the ideal choice for hotels, motels, hospitals, schools, office buildings, dormitories, and virtually any other type of space where independent heating and cooling are important. However, despite their durability and reliability, thru-wall heating and cooling units can sustain damage. Long-term use and constant exposure to the elements can cause heat pump failures, condenser malfunctions, and can even warp the wall sleeve that the unit is housed in (among other things).

When trouble strikes, you’ll want to call in an expert repair specialist as soon as possible. But how can you tell when PTAC unit repair is necessary? Here’s a look at some of the top signs that indicate you need to call a reputable The Bronx, NY heating, and cooling specialist.

Strange Noises

Even when they’re operating properly, PTAC units do make some degree of noise, such as a gentle whir or hum. However, if your PTAC unit is making unusual sounds; sounds that you’ve never experienced before, chances are something is wrong.

Sounds to be on the lookout for include banging, knocking, buzzing, or whirring that is louder than usual. Any number of problems could be causing unusual noises, so it’s best to have your system checked by a reputable and experienced professional.

Leaking Water

You can expect some level of condensation to drip from the exterior (the part of the unit that’s positioned outside your property) PTAC unit, even when it is working properly; this is particularly true when the temperature and humidity levels are high. However, if a large amount of water is dripping from the unit, especially when the weather isn’t damp, you may have an issue with the condenser. If the water is dripping from the interior of the unit (the part that’s located on the inside of your building) or there’s a lot of condensation buildup surrounding the face, you have a serious problem on your hands and need to call in an expert for an emergency repair as soon as possible. The longer the problem persists, the worse the damage will become; not only for your heating and cooling unit but for your property as well. If left unchecked, electrical problems can result or your property could sustain water damage.

Unreliable Temperature

PTAC units are reliable sources of heat and air conditioning; however, when components start to malfunction, their performance may start to falter. It may become more difficult for the unit to achieve the temperature it has been set to, for example. If the room remains uncomfortably hot or cold, despite adjusting the thermostat, something is amiss and needs to be addressed.

Unwanted Hot or Cold Air

Of course, a PTAC unit is supposed to produce hot and cold air; however, if the system is generating hot air when you have the air conditioning on or if the temperature of the air blowing out of it is cold when the heat is supposed to be on, any number of underlying issues could be to blame; a faulty thermostat or a damaged heat pump, for example.

Higher Energy Bills

PTACs are famous for their efficiency, but when these units are malfunctioning, they have to work overtime to produce the desired effects. As a result, your PTAC will start using more energy, which will lead to higher than usual energy bills. If it seems like your utility bills are on the rise but you haven’t made any changes to the way you use your PTAC unit, an issue with one of the components or the entire system could be to blame.

For Fast, Reliable, and Affordable PTAC Unit Repair in The Bronx, NY, Contact Lion Enterprises!

If you’re experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues or you have noticed anything else that seems amiss, contact a reputable PTAC unit repair specialist as soon as possible. For the fastest, most affordable repair services in the The Bronx, NY area, contact Lion Enterprises! With more than 50 years of experience, a proven track record of excellence, rapid response (we’re available 24/7/365), fair and affordable pricing, and a wide selection of products from the leading manufacturers in the heating and cooling industry, you can count on our technicians to restore your PTAC unit – and your comfort.

Whether you need your PTAC heat pump replaced, you require a new compressor, your sleeve is damaged and needs to be replaced, or you require any other repair service, with Lion Enterprises, you’ll receive the very best PTAC unit repair. If you have any questions about the services we offer and would like to speak with a representative or you need to schedule an appointment, please call 718-433-4360 at your earliest convenience. At Lion Enterprises, your comfort is always our #1 priority.

Lion Enterprises offers PTAC Repair & PTAC AC Units

Every AC and PTAC unit we sell and service meets and usually exceeds environmental standards. Furthermore, our commitment to providing high-quality PTAC units and top-notch systems service always exceeds your expectations. That’s our promise to you.

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