PTAC Repair – Repairs Your Old Heating Units In New York City

PTAC Repair Kings County, NY

Lion Enterprises is the best air conditioning repair company for all your air conditioning unit needs. They have been serving the New York City community with quality services for over thirty years. This company specializes in the repair and replacement of air-conditioner units, heaters, refrigerators, ventilation systems, dryers, and window units. The wide range of services includes energy-efficient and window air conditioners. 

When you contact the professionals at Lion Enterprises, you will get a quote on the repairs and also a free estimate of the total cost of the air conditioner repair or replacement. They have certified technicians that are insured and bonded and are able to perform all types of maintenance repairs on heating and cooling units. You are guaranteed a fast and effective response to your queries and most of the time you can even schedule the work the day before your next need. Whether it is a simple maintenance issue or an emergency situation, the professionals at Lion Enterprises are just a phone call away.